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DIY Hints & Tips

Before beginning any DIY project, it is important to plan fully and understand what the whole strategy entails as well as what you want the outcome to be. You must prepare for the various steps involved in the project, ranging from what initial preparations you need to make to what tools will be required for the job. You should consider the kind of property or feature you are working on. If you are renovating an old property for example, there may be more considerations and more work required in updating it than simple "renovations" for a newer property.

When planning your time, take into account your own expectations and personal standards regarding the work. If you know you are a perfectionist or that you wish to add in small details to your design, add more time so that you can pace yourself realistically. Try to take an objective step back and view to project as though you were an external contractor. What would you recommend be completed first? What work is necessary? It may be the case that the plaster needs repairs before you can begin to paint, for example.

Find a book on home renovations and step by step DIY projects, get us to send you a copy of our free E book or visit a good hardware store. You will often gather some good advice at a small Hardware shops from time-served DIYers. Don't forget to ask around your friends to find out if they have any experience of similar projects. It is always useful to learn from other people's mistakes! Failing that; talk to an expert. Hire a contractor for a couple of hours to get you started and show the correct technique. That way you can still complete the project yourself without any major hiccups.

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